Clouseau She's all mine lyrics – songtekst / songtext / lyric

She’s all mine
She had the look, she had lovely eyesShe turned around and she laughedAnd went off with meBut when you came, she got so excitedIt’s such a shame You’ll have to go, you see



She’s all mineYou think she might be yoursBut then I know she’s mineShe’s all mineYou think she might be yoursBut I’m tellin’ you, tellin’ you, tellin’ you that

She’s all mine

Only yesterday she called me honey babyOh but obviously I’m not the only one she says it toI can see it now : you wanna steel my ladyYou’re dreaming anyhowWell more fool you

She smiles at you and winks at meStrings us alongPuppets both you and me, me and youI toss and turn in my sleepShe makes us both feel really cheapOh, but still there’s nothing here for you