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One More Chance
Can we talk a while? ‘Cause I need you. Lord, I miss your smile. Said, I need you. I know I’m not the same, ya see. If we could only be, the way it was,

then I’d never let you go.

Just one more chance. I know I was wrong. Don’t give up so easily, don’t you know it’s killing me? Just one more chance, to sing this song. I’ll never let you down, no.

Just one more chance.

I know that I hurt you. Don’t you realize? Confused, thought we were through. Can I tell you that I, I never felt like this? This pain, I can’t ignore. I want you back,

and I’ll never let you go.

It’s not the way we planned it, or the way it’s gonna be. Just give me half a chance to make your heart believe. I know just how you feel, I can see it in your eyes.

There’s nothing in this world that can tear this love apart.