Aerosmith Permanent Vacation songtekst

I got a letter from a friend the other morningHe say it’s hot down in Montego BayI got the point and now I think it’s finally dawningYeah, yeah, I got to get awayI got to take myself a permanent vacationThe sky’s the limit but my plane won’t flyMy nose is clean and lord it don’t need no sedationYeah, yeah, and that’s the reason whyI really need it, really really need St. TropezI want a tan where the sun it never shinesI really need it, really really need St. TropezYou best believe it that I got to get awayI got a sister, man she really got a pinheadShe think she’s kinky but she can’t get straightShe say she livin’ but I kinda think she’s brain deadJust excess baggage on a late night freightChorusI gotta take me on a permanent vacationThe girl’s be comin’ down in Cayman BrackI gotta hand it to a firm situation

Yeah, yeah I got to cut me some slack